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We are a show about interesting stuff. Twice a month, we dive deep into a topic we find fascinating from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We go over its history, and how it works. Join us in learning everything we can, since this will all be on the test.
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Mar 1, 2017

This epesode is a very uplifting experience. It's got a lot of ups and downs, but eventually we elevated our repartee to the next level. Come for a ride with us while we talk about elevators (or lifts if you're British).

Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.

Feb 15, 2017

There has been a lot of talk about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) recently, but not a lot of people know what the law actually does. Find out what Obamacare is all about, and why repealing it would be a really bad idea.

Encyclopedia Podcastica is a production of the Silicon Valley Skeptics and the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley.

Feb 2, 2017

Gleeping and glorping is fun, but when you're an alien, it's a way of life. Let's talk about aliens. How do we look for extraterrestrial intelligence, and what about life in our own solar system? Could there be other worlds in our neighborhood harboring hidden creatures?

Feb 2, 2017

There was only one episode in January, because my body was fighting a war. A foreign invader decided that my cells were the perfect breeding ground for their soldiers. They swept in, practically undetected, and commandeered my body's resources. They built an army perfectly suitable for taking over my cells. My macrophage cells fought back valiantly, many giving their lives to protect me from the invader. Working day and night, my B cells eventually developed a secret weapon, which would turn the tide! My immune system went into overdrive mass producing this weapon, which would cling to the outer membrane of the invader, slowing them down and allowing the macrophages to wipe them out with ease.

After weeks of battle, my body emerged victorious against the invader. The soldiers who were once recruited to fight for my life, now gave theirs to feed the rebuilding of what was lost in battle. The weapon was sealed away, guarded in my memory B cells, to be quickly unsheathed should the invader ever rear its ugly face again. The war is over.

In other words, I had the flu, and I'm all better now!

Jan 2, 2017

Life in plastic. It's fantastic. (When you have a 3D printer.) This time, we talk about Fused Filament Fabrication, or 3D Printing!


This episode was supposed to come out on the 15th of December, but, you know, holidays. ;D Happy New Year, everyone!

Dec 25, 2016

Plants have been turning sunlight into energy for millions of years, but we just recently learned how to do it. Find out how we harness the power of the sun!


The audio quality of this episode is noticeably poorer than our other episodes. That's because our main audio got corrupted, so this is the audio from our video cameras. We've since gotten a new hardware recorder, so this won't happen again.

Dec 2, 2016

Some of the raw audio for today's episode is corrupted, so rather than release a choppy episode, I am writing a program to try to fix it. It may take me a while, but I will release the episode as soon as I (hopefully) fix it. If I can't fix it, I will release it with a note about the audio jumps. Thank you for your understanding.


- Hunter

Nov 15, 2016

Vaccines are safe and effective. But how do they work, and how did we develop them?

Nov 2, 2016

Hey, we have video now!

Matt and Hunter try some of the hottest sauces, then try to explain what's happening to them.

This episode is on YouTube:

Oct 16, 2016

Every episode, I start the microphones a little before we actually start the show, so Matt and I can interact with the audience. Here is what we recorded in our first few episodes.

Oct 1, 2016

This is the Deep Cuts companion episode for our episode on Planet Hunting.

Oct 1, 2016

Since the dawn of man, we have looked up at the stars and wondered what was out there. We are just now discovering other worlds beyond our own star! How do we do it? Find out as we dive deep into planet and exoplanet hunting.

Exoplanet detection takes very advanced technology. We go over the most successful methods we've used, and some methods we'll be using soon, once we launch some more space telescopes!

We go over the history of planet detection, including how we discovered a planet using math!

Sep 15, 2016

Vision correction is a serious subject. Especially if the subject secretly secures significant sensory superiority. Vision is very valuable to valient victors of... hmm.

Ok, I can't alliterate any longer. But seriously, vision correction is a really cool subject, and in this episode we dive deep into the fascinating world of refractive vision correction.

We also revisit our Microwave Oven episode in a WIFU section.

Sep 1, 2016

Aurorae (or auroras), beautiful light shows across the northern and southern skies. They have an interesting history, and how they form is fascinating. We dive deep into this gorgeous high altitude phenomenon.


Aurorae from the space station!!!


Fine, we'll Google it for you.

Aug 15, 2016

We talk about the miracle of modern convenience, Microwave Ovens. How they were invented, their interesting history, and how they work.

Also, we correct our mistakes about GPS in our WIFU section.

Aug 1, 2016

The science of GPS, a touch of its history, and how this satellite based technology allows you to catch your favorite Pokemon on your phone.