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Encyclopedia Podcastica

Missed Episode

Feb 2, 2017

There was only one episode in January, because my body was fighting a war. A foreign invader decided that my cells were the perfect breeding ground for their soldiers. They swept in, practically undetected, and commandeered my body's resources. They built an army perfectly suitable for taking over my cells. My macrophage cells fought back valiantly, many giving their lives to protect me from the invader. Working day and night, my B cells eventually developed a secret weapon, which would turn the tide! My immune system went into overdrive mass producing this weapon, which would cling to the outer membrane of the invader, slowing them down and allowing the macrophages to wipe them out with ease.

After weeks of battle, my body emerged victorious against the invader. The soldiers who were once recruited to fight for my life, now gave theirs to feed the rebuilding of what was lost in battle. The weapon was sealed away, guarded in my memory B cells, to be quickly unsheathed should the invader ever rear its ugly face again. The war is over.

In other words, I had the flu, and I'm all better now!