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Encyclopedia Podcastica

Jan 2, 2020

Voting, how does it work? Or, how does it not work? In this episode we interview Jeff Justice of the The Center for Election Science on how our current system for voting fails and what systems work better. You can learn more about The Center for Election Science at

Slides from the show:

Missed Episode

Feb 2, 2017

There was only one episode in January, because my body was fighting a war. A foreign invader decided that my cells were the perfect breeding ground for their soldiers. They swept in, practically undetected, and commandeered my body's resources. They built an army perfectly suitable for taking over my cells....

Problems with Today's Episode

Dec 2, 2016

Some of the raw audio for today's episode is corrupted, so rather than release a choppy episode, I am writing a program to try to fix it. It may take me a while, but I will release the episode as soon as I (hopefully) fix it. If I can't fix it, I will release it with a note about the audio jumps. Thank you for...